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London buses embrace "Cash on Tap" smartphone payments

Following last month's announcement that EE customers would be able to use the free Cash to Tap app to pay for the Overground, DLR, and Underground services, EE users can now use the app on London's bus network.

Despite TfL's (transport for London) claims in April that smartphones were too slow to make payments on their travel network, it would seem that in just five months the technology has become viable.

The service is currently only available for EE users with NFC-enabled Android devices, the list of which can be found here. You'll also need to get yourself an NFC SIM to use the service, and once you do you'll be able to pay for things anytime you see the PayPass logo or Contactless symbol.

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The chief consumer marketing office for EE, Pippa Dunn said "More people use London's buses than all the other bus services across the country combined, so the need for speedy and simple payment solutions is paramount.

"That's why we've been working hard to bring our contactless mobile payments service, 'Cash on Tap', to TFL's network - removing the need for customers to queue for a ticket, or hunt through their pockets and bags to find the right card."

This may be a welcome announcement for Londoners who felt limited by the TfL's change to remove the ability for customers to pay using cash and only be able to use Oyster or pre-paid travel cards.

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According to TfL only 1 per cent of bus journeys were paid for using cash and that the cash-less scheme will save £130m over the next nine years.

EE expect users to be able to use contactless payment on all TfL services by September 16th of this year.