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Compact handsets like Samsung Galaxy Mini not selling well

Sales of "mini" versions of smartphones are not going well, at least not if sources in the component manufacturing chain are to be believed.

It's been typical for several years now that all the major mobile players put out compact versions of their bigger handsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini or HTC One Mini 2 (and larger versions in some cases, too – though phones are by default so large these days that this trend is lessening).

But sources in the supply chain based in Taiwan have let DigiTimes know that broadly speaking, these mini versions haven't performed as well as expected in terms of uncompetitive price/performance ratios.

In other words, while these phones are always cut down to make them cheaper than the flagship, the cost trimmings evidently aren't enough – particularly when compared to comparable models produced by Chinese manufacturers which are far cheaper.

DigiTimes highlights the fact that both the LG G3 Beat and Sony Xperia Z1 Compact have suffered from lower sales figures than expected. Note that these are just rumours floating back from the supply chain, though, so hardly a concrete case.

The mini version of the Galaxy S5 is about to go on sale later this week, and given that the flagship S5 has been performing rather disappointingly (not managing to dethrone the iPhone 5S, or even 5C for that matter), this doesn't bode well for the compact version. We'll just have to see what impact it makes on the market this month.