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Manchester United players under surveillance with new £500,000 camera system

New Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has brought in £500,000 worth of camera equipment to monitor his players during training sessions.

As the Dutchman continues to make his mark on the squad, van Gaal appears to be leaving little to chance with his new surveillance regime.

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United defender Johnny Evans told the press, "We have this system at the minute where he can watch us on the pitch. A lot of teams use it but we are looking into it in quite a lot of detail. He is saying 'you should be five yards to the right', we are able to see things that are happening live on the pitch." He added, "We went through a video recently and I was 10 yards out of position."

The hi-tech camera equipment has been installed at the club's Carrington training ground, as it looks to bounce-back from last year's seventh-place finish.

"I think a lot of teams use it but we are looking into it in quite a lot of detail," Evans added during an interview with the BBC.

"That kind of scrutiny is new to every single player. The case before was that as long as we got the results everything was fine."

Video technology has become an increasingly large part of the game, with most clubs analysing players' movements during matches as well. On the club's pre-season tour of the US, for example, Manchester United are also using cameras to highlight the tactical strengths and weaknesses of individual players.

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Louis van Gaal will be hoping that the attention to detail pays off when the new Premier League season kicks off on 16 August.