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Mobile app of the day: ShortPaste

Working with long URLs on your handset can be a bit of a pain. Why paste a full-sized URL into a tweet when you can shorten it and save on characters? Why put a long URL into a document you are writing when a shortened URL looks so much neater? Often the answer is that shortening URLs is a pain.

Enter ShortPaste, a fantastic little utility for anyone who needs to work with URLs on a regular basis. Once installed it will run in the background waiting for you to copy a URL which it will then have automatically shortened by the time you come to paste it.

ShortPaste supports both and – you simply select which you want to use. It even keeps an archive of the URLs it has shortened so that you can copy one and either open in a browser or paste it again. Brilliant.

Click here to download ShortPaste for Android.

Product: ShortPaste

OS: Android

Price: Free