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Apple to use different processors for 4.7in and 5.5in iPhone 6 models?

The latest Apple smartphone rumour indicates that Cupertino is going to put a CPU with a bit more pep in the larger phablet version of the iPhone 6.

As you are almost certainly aware by now, the next iPhone is allegedly due to arrive in two models, one a more traditional 4.7in phone and the other a 5.5in phablet for those who really want a larger screen (Android style).

And, according to an analyst, Timothy Arcuri, from Cowen & Co (via Apple Insider), the 5.5in model will have a more powerful processor than the vanilla iPhone 6 – although exactly what the difference would be wasn't mentioned.

While you might think that it's most likely a slight bump in clock speed, it could be more than this according to Arcuri, who wrote a report which stated that the 5.5in model could ship with a CPU that has a larger die. That would indicate not just a simple bump in speed, but as Apple Insider notes, additional on-die silicon could mean a bigger cluster of GPU cores.

Of course, there's the usual pinch of salt necessary here – certainly making two different processors in different fabrication plants as the analyst suggests would complicate the manufacturing process, with complications more likely to lead to problems.

We have heard quite a bit about complications potentially delaying the phablet-sized iPhone, though, but mainly to do with the display. Whether those rumours are true, of course, is another guessing game – others have said that the 5.5in model will be delayed as a sales strategy by Apple.

Certainly that's another point to consider in terms of two different CPUs, as well – buyers of the 4.7in model might feel they're being short-changed if they're getting a lesser processor compared to their iPhone phablet friends.

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