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Meet the light bulb that brings the bass: LightFreq

The worlds of light and sound are set to collide in the shape of a new light bulb that aims to take smart lighting devices onto the next level in the home, office or various other locations.

LightFreq, which launched its Kickstarter campaign today, is a speaker and light bulb all rolled into one that can be controlled by a smartphone as well as provide notifications of all descriptions.

Anyone that decides to shell out the $55 [£32.61] early bird price gets a light bulb that can fit easily into any light fixture in the home and bring music from a number of smart devices.

The light element is a multi-colour energy efficient LED lightbulb that is slightly larger than the current crop of energy efficient bulbs except that it can offer approximately 16 million different colour combinations. This includes warm, cool or colour wheel modes that are designed to fit in with occasions and if the owner is having a party, it can be set to strobe mode or dance in time with the music.

On the audio side of things it has an HD quality speaker that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi to play audio throughout the entire house. It is all controlled via a smartphone app that brings a whole host of other opportunities including the ability to set different colour notifications according to whether you’ve received a text, call, email or Facebook notification.

Another revolutionary feature is the “Follow Me” setting that uses the smartphone to turn music and lighting on or off depending on which room the householders is in.

The first 50 backers on Kickstarter get the $55 [£32.61] price before it rises to $70 [£41.51] for the next 1,000 and various other options open to those that want to help the founders reach the $50,000 [£29,650] goal that will make this product a reality.