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Samsung enhances its Kids Store to boost child safety

Samsung has announced an update to its Kids Store feature, available in Kids Mode on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S.

The enhanced feature allows users to shop for child-friendly free or paid apps and enables parents to set up safeguards to protect children from unwanted content.

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Rob Orr, vice president at the IT and Mobile Division of Samsung UK and Ireland explained why the feature was increasingly important.

"With research from Futuresource Consulting revealing that 35 per cent of children aged between three and 12 now own a tablet, it looks like these devices are set to be the primary entertainment gadget over the summer holidays."

The Kids Store now boasts 900 apps specifically tailored for children across entertainment and education categories. The store is currently available in 150 countries globally.

Kids Mode on the Galaxy S5 and Tab S also includes built in entertainment features that allow children to draw, watch videos and record their voices with added effects. Children can only access applications available through the Kids Store and parents are able to use the Parental Control feature to ensure only pre-approved content can be purchased.

Kids Mode was launched in October 2013 with the aim of providing safe, fun and educational content for children while giving parents ultimate control over what their children see.

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With children adopting technology at an ever-younger age, there is increasing pressure on companies to provide safe options that prevent them from seeing inappropriate content. Following criticism over children racking up large bills through in-app purchases, Apple launched its own kid-friendly section of its App Store late last year.