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Touch+ motion control device launched which makes any surface multi-touch

Ractiv has launched its new Touch+, a motion tracking device which the company is billing as the "modern day mouse" that makes any surface multi-touch.

You hook the device, which is a small vaguely Kinect-esque looking black bar, up to your hardware – whatever that may be, for example, it can clip onto the top of a laptop – then the 3D sensor can monitor your hands and pick up motion control gestures, such as taps, swipes, pinches, or even a "closed fist" gesture which can turn the machine off (as seen at the start of the promo video below).

Touch+ can be used across a range of hardware – any computer, notebook, tablet, or indeed a smart TV where it can be used for gesture control, and even a decent living room typing experience using apps along the lines of Swype.

Darren Lim, a co-founder of Ractiv, said: "Touch+ only uses two normal cameras, so the magic happens in the software. While 3D tracking tech is fun to play with, Touch+ is the first to give it a very practical application that everyone loves using: multi-touch. After more than 50 years of relying on the mouse, we're excited to offer a form of interaction that's simple, comfortable, and full of possibilities."

The device was previously a Kickstarter hit, but has been "completely reimagined and reinvented with a new name, new features, and a brand new design" according to the maker.

Check out the video above to see the kind of things which Touch+ is capable of.

The device comes with a portable stand, allowing you to turn any surface into a multi-touch empowered one, and alpha units are available to order on the Ractiv website for $75 (£50) including international shipping. The expected ship date is currently 20 August.