Whitepaper: Eight steps to building an HP BladeSystem

HP BladeSystem is a modular infrastructure platform that converges server, storage and network fabric to accelerate operations and speeds delivery of applications and services running in physical, virtual, and cloud-computing environments. Designed to optimise virtually any workload, it is a fresh approach to infrastructure management that delivers unprecedented ease of use allowing you to deploy and manage your environment faster, at lower cost, and maximise productivity at any scale.

HP BladeSystem delivers real business results

HP BladeSystem helps you simplify and accelerate every step of IT operations supporting your workloads from the client to the cloud by converging compute, storage, network and virtualisation into one common infrastructure that reduces your total cost of ownership up to 68 percent over traditional platforms. Because the core infrastructure is shared, capital costs can be significantly lower. Blades share power, cooling, network, and storage infrastructure at the BladeSystem enclosure level. Since equipment is not needed for each server, there is a dramatic reduction in power distribution units, power cables, LAN and SAN switches, connectors, adapters, and cables. And you can bring in the newest-generation technologies by simply changing the components that need to be changed.

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