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Windows 8 usage drops for 2nd consecutive month

Microsoft has reported yet another drop in Windows 8 users, as customers choose Windows 7 despite the fact that support for 7 ends early next year.

According to NetMarketshare the usage percentage of Windows 8 has dropped from 6.62 per cent to 5.92 per cent in just seven months. The difference may only look like a measly 0.7 per cent but when we're talking about close to 2 billion machines that 0.7 per cent makes a difference.

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The number of Windows 7 users has grown each month since February increasing from 47.31 per cent to 51.22 percent in July. It would appear that Microsoft customers have either ignored or don't care about Microsoft's recent announcement that support for 7 will end in January next year.

Oddly Microsoft is optimistic about businesses migrating to Windows 8.x despite Windows 9 set for release April 2015, a spokesperson told Computer Business Review, "We are very confident that customers see the value of upgrading. Windows 8.1 is the operating system for modern business.

"It builds on Windows 7 fundamentals like increased speed, reliability and security, while creating a modern platform designed for a new generation of hardware experiences - from tablets and innovative touch devices to traditional desktops and laptops."

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Despite Microsoft completely missing the mark of what consumers and businesses wanted many people are feeling positive about Windows 9, with rumours that Microsoft will return to a less foreign interface and rumours that Redmond may give away a free upgrade to XP and Vista users.