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Apple and Samsung call a truce over patent litigation outside the US

Apple and Samsung have called a truce when it comes to their legal battles, at least outside of the US.

Both firms have agreed that they will drop any patent litigation outside of America, and that means quite a few territories where the lawyers are being put back in their cages. In fact there are nine countries in total, including the UK and Germany, where high profile disputes have been running for some time.

There will be no licensing arrangements made, according to a joint statement which both companies made, and the BBC reports that they've simply agreed to drop all cases.

Perhaps Apple and Samsung are both finally tired of the endless chasing and counter-suing, much of which goes pretty much nowhere and must cost a fair bit of money in itself. However, when it comes to the juiciest big money disputes in the US, they're evidently not prepared to compromise and simply call it quits.

Still, this is a sensible move which is certainly welcome, and will help both outfits focus less on litigation, and hopefully more on innovation and inventing new features for their phones.

The most recent patent trial development in the US saw Samsung being found guilty of smartphone patent infringement by a court in San Jose, and ordered to pay Apple $120 million (£70 million), although that's small change really, and far less than Apple wanted.

Samsung is still appealing a US ruling from two years ago, and a much chunkier one where it was ordered to pay $930 million (£550 million) in damages.