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Apple to launch iPhone 6 on Tuesday 9 September

Apple will apparently be launching its new iPhones on 9 September, which is just four weeks from next Tuesday.

This is according to Recode, which states that Cupertino has gone ahead and scheduled a "big media event" for that day, and obviously that will see the new iPhones unveiled (although some folks are still sceptical on whether the 5.5in phablet model will actually be realised).

The iPhone 6 will then possibly go on sale the following Friday, 19 September, if past Apple form is anything to go by – although one recent rumour indicated 14 October for the on-sale date (that could possibly be for the phablet version, though, which speculation says will be delayed either due to manufacturing complications, or a staggered launch as part of Apple's sales strategy).

Cupertino is expecting sales from this round of the iPhone to go orbital, with the production run set to hit 70 to 80 million units through to the end of 2014 (in comparison with 50 to 60 million units last year). The iPhone 5S and 5C are still selling well even now, with figures for July putting the 5C in the number one spot above the 5S, and both are outselling Samsung's new flagship, the Galaxy S5.

New features like NFC and wireless charging are expected to be on board the iPhone 6. Yesterday, a rumour also popped up claiming that Apple will use different processors for the 4.7in and 5.5in versions of the handset – and we're not talking just a slight bump in clock speed, either, but bigger differences.

Whether this rumour is on the money, we're not so sure – such a CPU split would create more complications on the manufacturing side, and indeed could affect the consumer perception of the 4.7in model (which will have the CPU with less pep, in theory) as inferior somehow.

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