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Mobile app of the day: Eventacular

Countdown timers can be really useful things. They have a place in the working day, and can be set to beep when certain things need to be done – a timed call or leaving the office for a meeting, for example.

But they have a use beyond the here and now, and can really come into their own if you need to keep an eye on how long it is to big upcoming events that are some way into the future. In a work context this could mean knowing how many days there are until your big presentation, or until your holidays start. In your personal life, how about knowing at a glance how long you have left to plan that mega party.

Countdown apps need to be easy to use and elegant if they are to earn a place on my handset – and Eventacular is just that. It counts up from events as well as down to them, lets you colour code events, use voice memos for events, and set reminders. This is a Windows Phone-only app at present and it supports live tiles and will integrate with the Windows Phone calendar.

Click here to download Eventacular for Windows Phone.

Product: Eventacular

OS: Windows Phone

Price: Free