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Facebook app announces Android Wear support

This week, Facebook has updated its Android app to include support for smartwatches running Google's Android Wear software.

Alan Lake, software engineer at the social network announced the news via Google+.

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"I've been a big fan of Android Wear since its announcement so one of the things I've done quite a bit of at Facebook is ensure that Android Wear is actively considered when adding new features and we take advantage of what features are provided."

The Facebook for Android 9.0 app allows Android smartwatch wearers to voice message replies directly into the device. The application will also indicate notifications and enable the user to like or reply to posts by tapping on their smartwatch.

Lake added that the Android Wear operating system is making in-roads at the company.

"Really happy to be shipping Android Wear features and even more excited that some of my co-workers are also getting interested about Android Wear."

Facebook's decision to support Android Wear comes just a few days after another messaging app, Whatsapp, also began supporting the platform.

Whatsapp's smartwatch service enables users to view notifications, reply to messages via voice and respond through a series of pre-loaded replies, such as "yes", "lol" or "see you soon." The app can currently be downloaded at the Whatsapp website.

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Facebook's own Messenger app for Android Wear is also available for download now from the Google Play store.