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iPhone 6 will have new A8 chip running at 2GHz, and no sapphire glass display

With the iPhone 6 just a month away from being unveiled, it's no surprise that the rumours are coming in swiftly, and another source who's allegedly in the know has been spilling beans.

This one comes from VentureBeat, and is all about confirming existing rumours. Namely, that yes, there will be two iPhones – one 4.7in model and a 5.5in phablet (some folks have been casting doubt over the latter prospect, lately). And the phablet will ship a month or so later, again as previous speculation has stated. However, there was no mention as to the reasoning here, and whether this is part of Apple's sales strategy, or a manufacturing issue.

There was, however, hard information on the processor, with the source stating that the iPhone 6 will be powered by a new A8 chip running at 2GHz per core – a big jump from the 1.3GHz clock speed of the iPhone 5S. There was no mention of Apple using two different processors for the two handsets, a recent rumour that has been doing the rounds.

The other major detail concerns the display, and the question of sapphire, or no sapphire glass. This source is saying no sapphire, although the screen will be fashioned from an "extremely hard material" which is better than Gorilla Glass in terms of durability. Perhaps it will indeed be some kind of blend of sapphire and traditional glass, which previous buzz has indicated.

NFC is also confirmed as being on board for mobile payments, along with a faster 4G modem that supports Category 6 LTE, again as previously rumoured, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi via a Broadcom chip.

Basically, we're having a picture of the iPhone 6 confirmed here, although of course, remember this is still just an anonymous source and conjecture at this point.

The fingerprint sensor has also been improved to work faster – we'd certainly expect it to be honed – and there may be some sort of hook-up between the new iPhone and Beats hardware, with some kind of special "handshake" that would authenticate a Beats headset and provide extra functionality. Though that sounds a bit of a long shot, and perhaps something more likely to arrive with the iPhone 7 (or 6S, rather).

One thing that wasn't mentioned, however, which was previously thought to be coming on board the iPhone 6 is wireless charging, and that's certainly a neat benefit some folks will be disappointed to hear didn't make the cut.

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