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Ex-Apple employee 'Sam Sung' auctions name badge for children's charity

At first glance it seems like a typo, but Apple really did hire an employee named after the company's arch rival, Samsung – and now he's selling his unusual business card on eBay.

Sam Sung worked at the Vancouver Apple store in Canada, and is now selling his staff lanyard and business card to raise money for the Children's Wish charity that grants handcrafted wishes for children and young people with life threatening diseases.

On the eBay listing Mr Sung explained: "I came across one of my old business cards the other day when it fell out of a book."

"So, with a view to raising money for a very deserving charity, I'm auctioning the only Apple Sam Sung business card I have left and I'm going to donate all of the proceeds minus eBay fees toChildren's Wish.

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"I had a great time working for Apple and would recommend it to anyone.

"I hope my old business card will go to another fellow Apple enthusiast with a sense of humour and the desire to help raise some money for a good cause."

The business card and staff lanyard will be available to buy alongside Sam Sung's distinctive blue employee sweater. Of course, all three are also framed behind glass.

The highest bid currently stands at £80,000 (£47,000), though sadly some have suggested this is likely to be a fake offer.

Sam Sung has revealed he is currently working with eBay to try and work out which bids made so far are actually genuine.