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iPhone 6 rear shell images leaked showing fancy new Apple logo

Some new images of the upcoming iPhone 6 have leaked out onto the net, originating from Feld & Volk, a firm that makes "luxury" modifications to Apple's smartphone.

The snaps, spotted by MacRumors, are of the rear shell of the phone, with the part purportedly from an intermediate stage of production, so not fully finished in other words.

Apart from a general look at the appearance which is nothing particularly unexpected, there are several elements this leak highlights – the first being the fact that the volume buttons are recessed to ensure there's less chance of accidental presses messing with your tunes.

The pics also show a rear camera lens which is raised out from the body, rather than flush as is normally the case – though MacRumors notes that this may just be the phablet (5.5in) version of the next-gen iPhone, as opposed to the standard 4.7in model. Given that this model is all about sleekness from one rumour we've heard, and talk of the "iPhone Air", this seems a little bit odd.

Finally, one of the spilled snaps shows the Apple logo on the rear close up, and it's a fancy embedded logo apparently fashioned from some sort of slick scratch-proof metal. That should add nicely to the general aesthetic appeal of the device (unlike the protruding camera lens, which certainly wouldn't – particularly when laying your iPhone down on a flat surface).

Apple is certainly expecting big things from its next smartphones, as the company has plans to crank out 70 to 80 million units before the end of the year (compared to 50 to 60 million units last year). The launch event is supposedly just a month away, with it due to take place on 9 September.

One of the most recent rumours to emerge is that the phone will feature a new A8 chip running at 2GHz, though sapphire glass won't be used for the display, apparently.

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Image Credit: MacRumors