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Pinterest adds Messages feature to become more social

Pinterest has implemented a new Messages feature in order to keep up with every other social media offering out there.

The new update, which was unfurled today, is designed to make it easier for pins to be shared as well as to plan occasions and discover friends through the photograph and picture curation service.

“Every day, people send more than two million Pins, using it as a great way to let someone know you found something they’d love. Pinterest wanted to make it easier for Pinners to have a good old fashioned conversation about those Pins, so now when someone sends a Pin, you can reply with a message and even send a Pin back,” a blog post from the firm explained.

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As well as sending them to one person, the new feature allows Pins and messages to be sent to multiple people at the same time and Pinterest is trumpeting its potential as a tool to organise social occasions.

Pinterest has been hard at work updating the service as the current calendar has unfolded. This includes its new Place Search powered by Foursquare that makes it even easier to find photos from a specific location and this followed its new Guided Search feature that together make the service far more intuitive.

It has also recently found a home on Windows Phone and with a presence across all three major mobile operating systems there’s a good chance that it’s user base will embrace the new messaging service over comparable offerings elsewhere.