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Results day: Top UK job hunting websites

Whether you're a veteran seeking a new position or a fresh-faced student clutching your results day 2014 envelope, job sites are now the number one way to seek employment.

It's important, however, to choose the sites you use in your search carefully. A good site will help you find the most current opportunities quickly; a bad one will be updated slowly with irrelevant job openings.

To help you in your hunt, we've made a quick shortlist of the sites will believe will catapult you up the career ladder quicker than you can say "so tell us about yourself."


Glassdoor bills itself as a "job and career site where employees anonymously dish on the pros and cons of their companies and bosses." This means that without even setting foot in your potential future place of work, you can get a get a clear picture of what it'll be like to cross the threshold every day.

Posting review scores, honest facts about the salaries of each position, and feedback from the experiences of those who've interviewed at each company, Glassdoor is a vital tool in any savvy job hunter's shed.


Monster is, aptly, one of the largest employment websites in the world. An employment behemoth, it was one of the first online job boards and has expanded to include a variety of useful resources and apps.

By posting your CV to Monster's exhaustive database you are able to not only search for jobs yourself, but have potential recruiters look for you. The site's weekly career advice newsletter is also not to be missed.


It's a truth universally acknowledged that a single IT graduate in possession of a good degree must be in want of a fortune.

If you specifically want a job in technology, there's no better place than Technojobs. It's a specialist IT and technical jobsite, posting both contract and permanent opportunities in the fast-paced sector.

With easyjet, amazon, Microsoft and Accenture all recruiting from its books, Technojobs is well worth a look.


If you didn't know this one by now, welcome back from what we're sure was a very enjoyable stint in the arctic wilderness. For the rest of you, you'll know that LinkedIn has been a revolution in the world of job seeking, connecting the world's professionals through social media.

Here you can search jobs, view jobs you might be interested in, embellish your CV, connect with colleagues who can endorse you as "the most employable person ever" and follow companies of interest until they give you your dream job.