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Staffordshire council in massive overhaul towards “digitally adaptive methodology”

Staffordshire County Council is to implement a new "digitally adaptive methodology” as part of a move towards an internal culture change.

The local authority will be working with management consultancy Adapt2Digital to apply the new digitally-inclined way of thinking.

Staffordshire’s CIO Sander Kristel and head of customer service Dionne Lowndes are leading the project.

“As a progressive authority we are very happy to have contracted with Adapt2Digital,” Kristel claimed.

“[It] focuses on culture change and continuous improvement rather than just rebranding channel-shift as digital.

“This approach uniquely aligns with our ethos and aspirations around digital and we look forward to seeing some great results,” she added.

“For us it is crucial that Staffordshire becomes a digital place rather than just focusing on council services,” claimed Lowndes.

Adapt2Digital has “unique” framework

The firm says that its “complete” digital framework and lifecycle methodology helps organisations of all sizes assess, monitor, track and develop their ability to adapt to the changing world of technology.

“We provide a new and refreshing approach to ‘digital’ from a business perspective, bringing clarity and some serious thinking backed by many years of experience from other sectors,” claimed Adapt2Digital director of experience Mel Ross.

“This means we are able to implement a methodology with clients that is repeatable, consistent and measurable,” Ross added.