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61 per cent of consumers prefer custom online content, data shows

It's funny when, as a journalist, you hear your work described as "content" by marketers. All that heart and soul put into your immaculate word-creations is a mere piece in their customer engagement puzzle.

Indeed, the weird world in which ITProPortal operates is leagues away from the world of print media, wherein a reader might happily glance over full page ads between unrelated stories. Online, content and ads are delivered precisely and calculatedly, in an attempt to seize that tiny window of reader attention.

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The goal-based nature of content marketing can lead ad executives into temptation though. It's easy to duplicate and recycle content in order to get that end sale, or click, but recent research has shown that 61 per cent of consumers prefer companies that create custom online content.

Marketing magazine Captora has published the research in an infographic in a bid to educate B2B online marketers.

With marketers still facing the problem of ad blindness, where consumers automatically ignore ads out of habit, it's unsurprising to learn that 80 per cent of decision makers prefer content to advertising. I mean, I'm not a decision maker but I am a consumer (whether I like it or not) and I would say I much prefer content to ads.

I'm not into the business of purchasing enterprise cloud solutions – I just write about them – but I can sympathise with the 61 per cent who prefer custom content. I am far more likely to return to a website that features content with a tone/focus unique to itself. But hey, I'm only one C to their B.

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If you're in the biz or a curious consumer, take a look at the infographic here.

Images: mkhmarketing, Flickr;, Flickr.