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AVG and Opera team up for browser-security bundle

While many of us would prefer our web browser to come bare bones, and avoid things like toolbars that frequently ride along with free software, there are those folks who like a few extras. For them, AVG has partnered with Opera to mix security in with the web browser in a bundled package.

The two services have teamed up to roll Opera with AVG PrivacyFix and AVG Secure Search, hoping to make users a bit safer while online. AVG, of course, claims the best of intentions.

"AVG PrivacyFix checks your privacy exposure on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and with one click, takes you to settings where you can fix it. It allows you to block over 1,200 trackers from following your movements online, and lets you see which websites reserve the right to sell your personal data and easily request that they delete what they hold on you. You will also be alerted to privacy risks as you visit sites and be informed when policies change", the company writes.

The software is certainly on the up-and-up, AVG is a good company, as is Opera, so this isn't the toolbar you can't get rid of. But it's also likely not what every user is going to want. Still, it provides an extra option and may be good for less savvy users out there.

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