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Brits officially obsessed with weather: BBC Weather app is most downloaded ever

Weather-obsessed Britons are downloading the BBC's weather application in stunning numbers, according to the BBC, with another 19,000 weather-obsessed Brits adding the app to their phones each day.

In total the app has been installed 8 million times since its launch in June last year, making it the BBC's fastest-growing mobile app ever made. A grand total of 13.8million people visited at least once a week in July, as record temperatures hit the UK.

The most popular times for rain-weary Brits to check the weather is around 7am. However, on the weekends that creeps forward, with most Britons checking the weather at 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday. Fridays see the highest number of visits.

"Britain's obsession with the weather is official," said BBC Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood. "We can't stop talking about it, and it looks like people can't stop checking it - especially when unseasonal weather is expected, such as this weekend."

"Twenty years ago you had to wait for Michael Fish after the news, but now with the BBC Weather app, you can get your local forecast for the next hour, or next 10 days, just when you need it."

But perhaps the BBC shouldn't let such success go to its head. After all, free puzzle game app Candy Crush Saga has been downloaded more than 500million times worldwide since it was launched in 2012. Which puts this story a little bit into perspective.