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Google Street View car adds innocent US vehicle to its diverse hit list

Google could find its way onto Alan Partridge’s next "Crash! Bang! Wallop! What a Video" after one of its cars ploughed into another car and caused thousands of dollars of damage.

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The vehicle, which takes images using a camera mounted on its roof, was travelling the wrong way down a one way street when it collided with another car and the driver readily admitted that his P45 is in the post.

Alexander Spurr, 28, was driving the car and its reported that once he’d realised he was travelling down the street he pulled a u-turn and accidentally smashed into another car, according to a police report from the Arkansas force.

Spurr stated that he will “probably lose [my] job” and it has been estimated by the that the car is going to cost around $1,500 [£894] to repair due to the complex equipment involved.

Witnesses reportedly saw Spurr fiddling with the camera equipment on the top of the car immediately after the incident and Dylan Case, the other driver, reported that his car was “totalled”.

Google’s Street View car has been involved in its fair share of scrapes in the past in far more bizarre situations than that which took place in Arkansas. Back in January 2013 it was widely reported that the car had knocked down a donkey in Botswana and Google had to come out and defend itself over the claims.

This was then followed by an infamous incident in September 2013 that saw the vehicle extensively damaged after a brush with three behemoths of the road in Indonesia – two buses and a truck.

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If that wasn’t bad enough the service has also been attacked by certain countries such as Italy for privacy concerns and slapped with heavy fines as a result of the pictures it has taken.