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Mobile app of the day: Digify

Sometimes you need to share information with someone but be sure they won't be able to reuse or edit it in any way. And sometimes you only want the recipient to see your share for a little while, not to have it forever. That's what Digify is for. You can share files with another person and they are read-only and have a set lifespan after which they will self-delete. You can set a lifespan of anything between one minute and one month. You can override the setting you've made and delete it or extend access as you wish.

You've got other controls too. For example files can't be forwarded, downloaded or copied by their recipient, so you can be sure information is "for your eyes only". On Android devices screen shots are not supported. On iOS if a screenshot is attempted the sender of the file is notified and the file is unshared at once.

You can use Digify with Dropbox, making it really easy to share files while you are on the move. So, what secret stuff do you have to share?

Click here to download Digify for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Digify

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free