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New iPhone 6 images spilled showing handset in retail box

Over the weekend, more (alleged) leaked images of the iPhone 6 reared their head, although this time the pics are certainly pretty convincing looking, featuring the handset and its retail box.

Apparently they come from a beta tester of the device who leaked the pics online.

The box has iPhone 6 written on the side (naturally), with an image of the phone on the front, and a white model of the device is shown nestling inside the box. The iPhone 6 looks as it does in previous leaks we've seen, so that lends further credence.

Indeed this material comes from a new source, but all the image data seems spot on apparently, so there's no reason to believe this is a fake (of course, you never know – there are some pretty good fakes around, particularly when it comes to the major handset releases).

The smartphone looks nice and thin, too, which is what we've been led to expect from previous speculation regarding an "iPhone Air" style device.

The rear of the phone isn't shown in this batch of images, but it's set to have a fancy embedded Apple logo for extra aesthetic polish, or so says another rumour.

Whether it will use sapphire glass or not for the display is a bone of contention, although some sort of tougher-than-Gorilla-Glass alternative (possibly a hybrid of sapphire and traditional glass) may be on the cards.

We won't have long to wait to find out, anyway, as the iPhone 6 is purportedly going to be unveiled on 9 September, which is less than a month away now.

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