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Today’s Tech: BlackPhone gets hacked; Apple and Microsoft fight; Amazon hates authors; British government faces "revolution"

This is war (again)!

Microsoft trolls Apple in new Surface Pro 3 adverts: Mac vs PC war is back (video)

Not content with mocking Siri, Microsoft has unleashed another "come at me bro" aimed squarely at Apple. Showing off Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 against the Macbook Air, we're pleased to see that Microsoft's marketing team have heeded general fan advice to show off their devices' qualities rather than focusing on Apple's shortcomings.

Hacker roots up Blackphone's day

Hacker roots Blackphone at Black Hat conference

In the same way big red buttons labelled "don't press" are often battered into oblivion, bringing an allegedly "super secure" and "NSA-proof" phone to a Blackhat conference is unlikely to end well. Incredibly the Blackphone was rooted without unlocking the bootloader in under five minutes by @TeamAndIRC.

Amazon kindles the fire of authors' anger

Amazon hits back over Hachette's "Authors United" letter in eBook dispute

Amazon has struck back in response to an open letter published in the New York times. The letter, which was signed by over 900 authors (including Steohen King, Philip Pullman and Donna Hart), urged the Internet retailer to stop delaying or blocking sales from publisher Hachette whilst they are still negotiating a deal.

No you won't fool the children of the revolution

Labour plans to use the internet for a "democratic revolution"

Labour's "Digital Government Review" has officially ended and is being reviewed by the non-partisan advisory board. However Jon Cruddas, MP for Dagenham, and Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central appear to have already come to the conclusion that, shockingly, the Internet is a useful communication tool. Containing a surprising number of references to "revolution" the statement from the two MPs suggests that Labour may actually have a cohesive digital policy.