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IBM bolsters cloud security with Lighthouse acquisition

IBM’s cloud security portfolio got a significant shot in the arm thanks to the acquisition of Lighthouse Security Group and its renowned identity management solution.

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The main reason behind the deal, for which financial terms haven’t yet been disclosed, is Lighthouse Gateway, an identity management service that can be integrated into IBM’s managed service offerings and Tivoli enterprise software.

“Business models are rapidly evolving as employees conduct more of their work offsite. Protecting this data and who has access to it has become a challenge, costing our clients time and money.” said Kris Lovejoy, General Manager, IBM Security Services. “With this acquisition, IBM provides a unique identity and access management offering that combines proven software and analytics technology with expert managed services that make it easy for businesses to tackle the complexities of security in this new digital world.”

Three main components make up Lighthouse Gateway, which are identity management, access management, and identity federation, with all three fitting tidily into IBM’s current security portfolio.

The firm added that the transaction is linked in with its purchase of CrossIdeas, a security software provider that controls how users access apps and data across both on-premise and cloud environments.

IBM has set its sights on succeeding in the cloud arena and as such has made security one of its main priorities with more than 12 acquisitions over the past 10 years as an investment of $1 billion [£600 million] per year in enterprise security research each year.

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Security is one of the main reasons that firms are holding back adopting the cloud and investing more money in security solutions will make sure that IBM remains at the forefront of the growing sector.