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Lenovo unveils new ThinkStation P series of rugged desktops

Lenovo’s unleashed a range of three new ThinkStation P series desktop workstations that are designed with durability and customisation in mind for a number of different professions.

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The ThinkStation P500, P700 and P900 join the P300 in Lenovo’s range that is, according to Lenovo, designed for professionals in engineering, architecture, media and entertainment, oil and gas, medical and science, finance and other industries

“We want our customers to know that we listened to their demands for a higher-performing, more reliable and more usable workstation, and our ThinkStation P Series represents our response to those demands,” said Rob Herman, director, Worldwide Workstation Product and Vertical Marketing, Lenovo.

Each machine has one of the latest Intel Xeon processors on board as well as an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card and high capacity DDR4 memory with expansion ports meaning that up to three graphics cards and 14 storage devices can be added.

Customisation is at the heart of the new machines with the FLEX Bay designed to support an optical drive, media card reader or Firewire; FLEX Tray to allow for a range of different HDD drives up to 14 in total on the P900 model; FLEX Connector gives a wider range of functionality without giving up PCIe slots; and the power supply can be optimised according to what is required by the machine.

Thermal management comes in the shape of a tri-channel cooling system and a one-of-a-kind fan-less, multi-channel air baffle that work together to deliver a significant uplift in performance.

Various other key benefits have been identified by Lenovo including the fact that owners don’t need tools to perform upgrades and there are red touch points that point users in the correct direction when carrying out changes.

For workers that need to move the machine around regularly there are integrated handles and every machine has QR codes placed strategically that when scanned can point users in the right direction on Lenovo’s website. Diagnostic ports have also been installed that can be used to plug in an Android smartphone or tablet and carrying out a system analysis.

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Lenovo plans to release the workstations this autumn pricing will be confirmed in due course.