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More images of Apple’s iPhone 6 leak out

Following yesterday's leaked images which showed the iPhone 6 in its retail box, another set of (alleged) pics has been spilled out onto the net, this time the source being a Taiwanese Apple site.

The images originate from, a previous source of Apple leaks, and were spotted by Gotta Be Mobile.

They show both the black and white models of Apple's upcoming iPhone, which is due to launch 9 September (with the date rolling in very fast, that's why we're getting daily leaks pretty much at this point).

You can clearly see the curved edges of the handset (check the image above), which have been pictured in previous leaked shots, and should hopefully make the device comfortable to hold, despite its bigger size then previous iPhones (with a 4.7in screen rather than a 4in).

Another pic shows a flex cable poking out with a small Apple logo on it, an odd detail which wouldn't likely be the sort of thing incorporated if these were fake images. We're probably looking at the real iPhone 6 here (albeit a mid-production handset by all accounts).

Sadly you can't tell whether the display is sapphire glass – that's one big question that still remains. Most of the latest rumours seem to indicate that Apple has passed on sapphire for the iPhone 6, but is using a very tough alternative – possibly a blend of sapphire and traditional glass.

Other recent rumours have indicated that the iPhone may use different processors for the 4.7in and 5.5in models – though we're not buying that one, as we discuss here – and that the company is cranking up production of the device(s) massively (that we can most certainly believe, as Apple is expecting to make a real impact this time around).

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Image Credit: (via Gotta Be Mobile)