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New pilot season brings more Amazon original content

Last year Amazon debuted a number of pilots, though only two survived the final cut - both Alpha House and Betas had first season runs. Of those, only the former will survive to season two. However, the company continues pushing its own original content, and is now set to debut a new run of pilots for viewers to decide upon.

On 28 August the retail giant will kick off several new shows, all available to any customer who has a Prime subscription. The episodes cover the gamut of content, so pick and choose as you wish.

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"Customers who watch the pilots will visit modern day Paris, step into the world of a vigilante who has visions from God, follow along as a psycho-physiological illness tears apart a town, explore the complexities of marriage, and take a trip to a country club in 1980’s New Jersey. Once again, customers are invited to watch and provide feedback on the shows they want to see turned into full series", Amazon states.

This is exactly the same process used one year ago. Each of the pilots will be a one half hour show, and all are comedies - which seems a theme with Amazon original content. "We are delighted to be able to bring Amazon customers new shows from some of Hollywood’s most talented actors and creators", says Roy Price, Director of Amazon Studios.

The customer feedback being used as a determining factor in a show's pass or fail rating is unique in online content, but perhaps a throwback to generic TV, which relied on the Neilsen Ratings to see if a show survived.

Image: Subbotina Anna, Shutterstock