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Rackspace applies improvements to DevOps Automation Service that extends service to new environments

Rackspace has made a number of tweaks to its DevOps Automation Service for its UK and US including Windows Support for the first time as well as expanded environment stack support.

The enhancements also include a new DevOps Advisory Service for wider DevOps transformation engagements and it’s all part of Rackspace’s commitment to give its customers the best service on the planet.

“Extending our support to Windows and expanding the environment stacks we support is just one example of how we are always working to build on the success of our initial offering. The new DevOps Advisory Service will help companies accelerate their internal transformation to adopt DevOps principles and methodologies. Fundamentally, these enhancements let our customers build and deploy features faster, quickly scale out their technology infrastructure and improve developer productivity,” stated Chris Jackson, practice area CTO at Rackspace UK.

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Customers of the DevOps Automation Service across the UK and US get additional services as well as Fanatical Support through the new managed operations level. These will help to allow customers to design, manage and scale cloud operations as well as enable a continuous application delivery model.

Rackspace now supports environment stacks from Chef, Rails, Node.js, PHP, Tomcat and Python, with each one able to be deployed on the Rackspace Hybrid Cloud in a matter of hours.

The other new strand involves helping out customers through a new advisory service that aims to allow stakeholders to perform to the best of their abilities. DevOps Workshops have been set up to offer advice across a vast swath of subjects whereas DevOps Strategy Planning sees specialists work with customers to understand requirements and create a custom plan. DevOps Professional Services, meanwhile, lets customers automate, deploy and test infrastructure for main applications or a set of proof of concepts that the customer helps to build.

Rackspace has been working hard to establish a presence in the UK over the past year and broke ground on a green data centre in Crawley back in February to further rubber stamp its presence in key European markets.