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Today’s Tech: Russian hackers invade Europe, robots invade the Tate Britain and John McAfee shows off his “BrownList”

Someone's hacked off with former Soviet Embassies

Moscow based hackers attack former Soviet Embassies in 15 countries

Symantec has discovered that nation backed hackers have successfully hacked more than 15 former Soviet Embassies.

The countries affected include France, China and Poland and it's believed that the malware was designed to perform reconnaissance work and find human targets.

Symantec believes that the malware was hidden in websites often visited by embassy staff and even found one instance of the malware disguised as a "Shockwave installer bundle."

Little is known about who is responsible for the attack but Symantec's detectives have narrowed the time zone down to GMT +4, which includes Moscow.

I told you the "Robot" was art

Nocturnal robots unleashed upon Tate Britain to patrol after opening hours

London's Tate Britain has launched a new scheme to allow art lovers to revel in their passion even after the doors have been locked.

Starting today, users can control four robots using the Tate's "After Dark" website and live stream the gallery. The Tate Britain has also provided a team of experts to provide real time commentary about the art that users direct the robots to.

The scheme came to fruition following a £70,000 prize which challenged inventors to create new ways for the Tate Britain to "digitally integrate."

McAfee realises people like to complain on the Internet

Need to blow off steam? John McAfee's BrownList is here

John McAfee unveiled his new crowdfunded website at the Def Con conference on Friday. The website allows users to rant, rave and vent injustices and complaints at, well, anything.

To differentiate his website from the rest of the internet McAfee has one small caveat; the user who complains has to also offer a solution to their grievance. Other users can also post solutions and the problems and fixes will then be sent to the offender.Porthole Ad