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Whitepaper: Achieve a stable IT environment through effective system health checks

Enterprises have changed. They are increasingly looking toward solutions like Big Data, mobility, social initiatives, and cloud to drive their businesses forward. IT management is in the process of modernising its infrastructure through integrated systems and virtualisation to achieve these solutions. As a result, managing technology resources and performance is becoming harder, leaving IT environments vulnerable to performance inefficiencies and increased costs. IT departments have to manage the following priorities:

  • Become more efficient with their resources — budgets, people, process, and technology
  • Focus IT on innovation to be responsive to business needs
  • Leverage new technologies with current technology — technology must run at optimal performance to enable virtualisation, cloud, and so forth effectively
  • Simplify operations of complex virtualised environments
  • Ensure critical updates and assessments so that IT runs at optimal performance

However, planning, implementing, supporting, optimizing, and managing these environments can often be difficult tasks that require specific knowledge. As a result, enterprise organisations are increasingly seeking the help and expertise of external services providers in the areas of IT consulting and assessment services, systems and storage integration, optimisation and operations, networking consulting and integration, hardware and software support and deployment services, and IT education and training. This Technology Spotlight discusses the service trends that are helping enterprises streamline and optimise their business processes and highlights the role that HP plays in providing a variety of assessment and performance services to accelerate the utilisation of these new technologies.

To read more, download the whitepaper below.