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A Drone for your home: Meet £90 Rolling Spider by Parrot

With a £90 price tag it's an expensive buy, but for budding drone pilots of the future the Rolling Spider is the bellwether of change in remote control toys.

Designed by wireless technology specialists at Parrot, Rolling Spider is the first of a new generation of flying toys that put the traditional RC model airplane to shame.

The toy is controlled via a Bluetooth connected smartphone and Parrot's FreeFlight app. Simply tapping a button on the handset's screen will prompt the tiny drone's four propellers into life, whereupon it will glide into the air.

Then, according to James Vincent, "it simply hands there, glaring at you malevolently with a pair of LED 'eyes.'"

The FreeFlight app that turns your smartphone into a controller is currently available on Android and iOS, and Windows Phone compatibility will arrive in October. With options for you to perform built in tricks like backflips and barrel rolls, it's a well-designed app that can make even the most novice beginner appear competent.

An on-board camera also lets you take pictures in-flight, a sort of tongue in cheek ode to the Rolling Spider's larger surveillance drone siblings.

However, the Rolling Spider is designed to be an indoor drone. Weighing just 55g, it is a tiny machine that can only manage a range of around 160ft. If the draught from a door could blow it off course, just think of the havoc the winds of your local park could wreak.

You also only get around six minutes of flight time before you need to recharge the battery, meaning that the Rolling Spider most definitely occupies the lower rungs of the drone market ladder.

Still, it's important to remember that this is a consumer drone and a toy. And as toys go, this is one that's sure to create quite the buzz.