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Facebook debug reduces iOS app crash rate by half

Facebook developers have corrected a long-standing fault with their iOS app, reducing the crash rate by more than 50 per cent.

As described in the company's engineering blog, one of the mobile's top crashes was in the Apple Core Data system. The team entered the crashes into a report analyser, but it still took months to develop a solution to the problem.

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The engineers claimed that scaling a product, or enabling it to accommodate further growth, can cause fundamental programming challenges. Debugging can be complicated, even if the problem can be replicated, but with Facebook's rapidly changing codebase, the issue can be even more difficult to correct.

The engineers were eventually able to pinpoint the problem by hypothesising where the error occurred and locating the faulty section of code. Through collaboration with the network team, the issue was fixed within a few hours.

In the blog post, Facebook engineers Slobodan Predolac and Nicolas Spiegelberg wrote that working as a team was crucial to correcting the iOS bug.

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"Dealing with a large, rapidly evolving codebase can seem overwhelming at times. Everyday tasks like analysing crashes and understanding code can turn into their own programming challenges. At these moments, it's important to work together, brainstorm, and rely on computer programming fundamentals."