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Get new One Direction and Justin Timberlake albums at a discount with Sony's Album of the Day app

Sony Music Entertainment today launched Album of the Day, a new offering for music-loving consumers.

The app will enable users to access and buy a new album every day, at a discounted price. The promoted albums will only be subject to the special offer for 24 hours.

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According to Sony, some albums will be available for 30 per cent of their normal price.

"We know that music fans today consume their music in a myriad of ways," said Phil Savill, the vice president of marketing for the Sony Music Commercial Group. "Sony Music remains committed to making the consumer experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for them, wherever and whenever they choose.

"The Album of the Day App offers a great new deal on a featured album every day by well known artists, giving fans the opportunity to download their favourite music directly from the app."

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Artists who have signed up to the app include Justin Timberlake, One Direction and Bob Dylan.

As well as making the most of the daily discounts, users of the app will also be able to social network with other users, purchase tracks and albums via iTunes, view Artist pages and preview clips.

Album of the Day is unfortunately only available on iOS devices. ITProPortal has contacted Sony, which says that an Android version of the app is currently in development.