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First images of Samsung's rumoured VR headset revealed

The Verge has acquired an image of Samsung's rumoured VR headset ahead of its unveiling at the tech giant's product event "Unpacked: Episode 2" on 3 September at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

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The headset, currently known as "Project Moonlight," appears in the photo alongside a Galaxy S5, a Samsung branded controller and what appears to be a plate designed to attach the S5 to the headset. The headset seems to follow in Google's "Cardboard Box" VR headset philosophy, where a smartphone is inserted into a frame that keeps it strapped to your face for a low-budget virtual reality experience.

"Project Moonlight" is rumoured to have its own built in sensors to ease your phone's processor and plugs directly into the phone using micro-usb. The headset allegedly also has the use of the phone's rear facing camera to allow users to see the world around them, although it's likely that phones will be powerful enough to provide a decent augmented reality experience.

It would appear that Samsung are taking nods from current partner Oculus in building a VR experience. The recently launched Oculus developer kit 2.0 uses screens from a Galaxy Note 3 and in exchange for the hardware, Oculus has been developing Samsung's VR software.

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The inclusion of the gamepad in the photo suggests that VR games are being developed for "Project Moonlight" but it's unlikely that they'll be a threat to Oculus's PC powered gaming experience.

However with Sony, Google and now Samsung entering the VR market it looks like 2015 will be the year the VR dream becomes a reality.