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One in five IT professionals feel the recession was a good thing for the tech industry

New research has indicated that one in five IT professionals in the UK think that the recession has ultimately had a positive impact on the tech industry.

The exact figure was 19 per cent, and it seems IT staff have a more positive view of the recession than those in other sectors, with only 16 per cent of the wider workforce (on average) in this country thinking it was a good thing. That said, there were industries which had a much more positive view than IT, particularly fast moving consumer goods (on 42 per cent) and manufacturing (31 per cent).

The survey of 2,000 tech workers, conducted by Randstad Technologies, also found that a third of respondents said the IT industry was "significantly different" now, compared to before the big UK economic crash and bank meltdown.

So, what differences in the industry were the most observed? 34 per cent said that the biggest change in terms of impact since the recession was to their targets and workload, with the next most major factor being the impact of having to work in smaller teams – that was very close behind on 32 per cent.

However, the majority – 57 per cent – felt that the changes which have come through could have been better implemented. And nearly half (45 per cent) of respondents felt more change is necessary to improve the lot of the IT sector.

Mike Beresford, managing director of Randstad Technologies, commented: "The IT and technology sector is one of the most dynamic and fast moving industries on the planet. Technology is constantly reshaping the way companies do business and this was even more prevalent over the course of the downturn. And some of today's most influential and valuable technology companies like Facebook saw their growth surge during the recession."

"As a result, tech staff are far more used to handling change than many other industries and it's extremely encouraging to see that so many employees are keen for further change to be implemented in order for the sector to continue striding forward."