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Polaroid Cube: The GoPro rival that offers waterproof 1080p video at just $100

Polaroid was the first company to make a success out of the public thirst for instant photos and now it wants a piece of the modern instant video game with a new GoPro-esque camera that costs just $100 [£60].

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The Polaroid Cube, which was unveiled at CES 2014, is a rugged camera capable of 1080p video whilst at same time being both shock resistant and able to withstand water depth of up to 10m.

It measures in at less than 2in square and has a 124-degree wide-angle lens that is designed to capture action shots and this in mind it has a range of mounts for different conditions.

There is a tripod mount at $10 [£6] that allows it to be fixed to a traditional camera holder, the bike mount at $15 [£9] for mountain bike expeditions and the waterproof kit at $40 [£24] that extends its waterproofing to an impressive 10m below the surface. The camera’s smooth casing already has water resistance to 2m and the added waterproof case also comes with a suction mount that can be added to a surfboard or other apparatus.

Photo-wise it can take 6-megapixel photos and the creators claim that its onboard battery can record for up to 90 minutes on one charge and a microSD card, which must be bought separately, can be used to store up to 32GB of content.

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It is rechargeable using its built-in USB port and at just $100 [£60] is an option for extreme sports fans that need a more affordable alternative to the award winning GoPro camera range.