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Sony’s PlayStation 4 racks up 10 million global sales

Sony has just announced that its PlayStation 4 console has hit 10 million units in terms of global sales (and that's units sold to customers, not retailers, the company was careful to clarify).

The console hit 5.3 million back at the end of the first week of February, and then 7 million in the first week of April – so in four months since April has put on 3 million sales, which is actually a slight slowdown compared to 1.7 million units shifted in the two months between February and April.

Still, there's no arguing with the fact that these are impressive numbers, and double figures in terms of millions is of course a major milestone, with the rival Xbox One lagging behind considerably.

The most recent figure we've heard from Microsoft was 5 million of its new console, although since then, the company has implemented a cut-price non-Kinect bundle which has apparently doubled sales in the US. However, no hard numbers were given when Redmond boasted of that doubling, which is slightly suspicious, though hopefully we'll hear them soon enough so we can see how the console race has progressed over the summer.

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Sony also said that over 30 million games had been sold for its PS4.

In a blog post, Sony stated: "On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your support and passion. You're the reason that PS4 is the #1 next generation console in the world and we're grateful for your continued enthusiasm and for always pushing us to new heights."

The company promised more blockbuster games (naturally), and also new incoming features including direct uploading of gaming clips to YouTube, and "Share Play" which allows friends to join in a game even if they don't own a copy. The latter sounds like a particularly cool idea when it comes to being able to check out a title, and enjoying co-op games more...