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Today's Tech: Internet runs out, OnePlus launches a "sexist" PR campaign and the UK tech sector grows faster than we can fill it

The end of the Internet

Internet goes down in flames as service providers struggle with IPv4

Following Tuesday's internet blackout of sites like Amazon, eBay and LinkedIn, it has been found that that the outage was caused not by floods, as originally thought, but a scarcity of IPv4 space.

Essentially we've run out of IP addresses on the IPv4 system, and networks have been slow to catch up to the new standard of IPv6. The phenomenon is known as "address exhaustion", which has seen the depletion in the number of unallocated IP addresses.

The problem has been compounded by the sheer number of devices that connect to the internet. With the number of mobile devices on the rise and the "Internet of things" becoming a thing, we're rapidly running out of IPv4 addresses.

OnePlus's sexism doesn't add up

"Don't be sexist!" Unbelievably ill-advised OnePlus competition invites guys to rate women's looks for free t-shirts

Chinese tech start-up OnePlus have frequently been in the public eye for their loud and convivial marketing campaigns but their most recent campaign has proven less than positive.

OnePlus recently announced that "In true gentlemen fashion and because chivalry is not dead, we are giving the lovely ladies of OnePlus a chance to skip the invite line," the invite line referring to a chance to purchase the phone. This time they offered female members of the OnePlus forums to post pictures of themselves with the OnePlus logo stamped on their bodies.

Naturally the company have been quick to issue an apology.

Kids can't keep up with computers

Results day 2014: Will the digital skills gap become a gaping chasm?

A-level results day has classically been a day of joy and commiseration as for many, as it decides the next three years of the recipients life. However Mark Wilkinson, MD of SAS UK and Ireland, believes that the results could decide the future of the UK's tech industry.

Whilst the tech industry continues to grow at an ever-quickening pace, the number of students studying the relevant subjects is dwindling, Wilkinson said "To realise an effective information economy, we need to encourage, support and develop those enthusiastic young adults with a preference for science, maths and technology to consider a career in data science."

One step closer to SkyNet

Siri's inventors are building a next-gen AI that may have true "intelligence"

The inventors of Siri have been busy conjuring up a next-gen version of Apple's digital assistant that, in theory, will be able to responed intelligently to requests, queries and instructions. Named "Viv", the AI will draw in data and cross-reference data to provide detailed responses to complex queries.

The creators hope that that "Viv" will be installed in just about every device out there, and provide a service not unlike Scarlett Johansson's character in "Her."

Turing would be happy that something will finally be able to pass his damn test.