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Uber readies API to help it become the buzzword for private car hire

Uber has its sights on every facet of your mobile device after it unveiled a new API to place its “ride request” button in even more locations.

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Various sources told TechCrunch that the company is planning to launch an API soon that allows developer partners to add a request button to their apps and echo the button’s presence on Google Maps.

Currently it has no public API though it has set up corporate expense billing with Concor and Re/code reports that there has been discussion with Facebook about integrating it with Messenger

Uber has, however, allowed its “Get an Uber” button to be included within the pedestrian and public transportation section inside Google Maps for those that have already downloaded Uber. This means that the time taken to reach a destination using each method is compared to Uber and using just one tap, users can move over to Uber and book a car.

Google Ventures is already one of the largest stakeholders in the service and in that sense the decision to include Uber as an option alongside other travel methods is a no brainer.

Uber hasn’t commented on the API though a number of sources close to the firm say a new way for third-party apps to integrate will hit the service next month with no further details as to how this will work.

When Uber does allow an API to be released to public developers it could give way to a raft of new apps that dress the service up as everything from a children’s version that allows them to grab parent-approved rides home to an “uberUber” that offers faster quotes.

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It all works towards cementing Uber’s place as the app to book a private car and who knows – in five years time it could be that it becomes to cars what Google became in the search market.