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How to take the perfect selfie

Smartphone manufacturers are currently falling over each other to provide the perfect selfie camera on the front of a handset. What none of them has yet done is produce a guide to help today’s youth, and everyone else, take a selfie to shout about.

Thankfully Japanese messaging firm Line has intervened with a new photo app called B612 which makes the art of selfie-snapping a whole lot easier, and here’s how it does it…

1. Opening up the app

Open up the app and as soon as you do you will see yourself on the screen of the device, whether it be the iPhone or iPad. Before tapping the screen to take the photo there’s a dizzying array of options available at the bottom of screen.

2. Choose a filter

Unlike most smartphone cameras, the B612 app asks users to choose a filter before taking the photo and has an impressive 43 to choose from.

3. Pick a frame

B612 has also brought on board the ability to add a variety of different frames to the selfie. In addition to the normal 4:3 image, users can choose from 17 other options that offer everything from two photos next to each other to nine different photos in a 3x3 box. The best part about this is that each one can have a different filter as well.

4. To shuffle or not to shuffle? That is the question...

In the middle of the frame and filter option, there is a shuffle button that means a random filter is applied to the image.

5. Take the photo

Snapping the image is as easy as touching the screen. On the modes with more than one photo, a timer can be set to take an image every few seconds.

6. Get social

Once taken, the image gets branded with a B612 logo in the corner and can then be put on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or simply saved to the iPad or iPhone.

Line confirmed that the Android app would be out in the near future thus letting a raft more users learn how to take the perfect selfie