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IFA 2014: Has Sony abandoned Android Wear ahead of Smartwatch 3 unveil?

Sony fans could be in for a treat after rumours began to emerge that it is ready to re-enter the smartwatch arena with a product launch at the upcoming IFA 2014 show in Berlin.

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The company has a press conference scheduled for 3 September and it’s expected that as well as the Xperia Z3 smartphone it will use the event to release a new Smartwatch 3 and the most interesting part is that it won’t rely on Google’s Android Wear platform.

Details on the wrist-watch are scarce and the only morsels so far are that it will appear similar to the Smartwatch 2 with a square face that has a transflective fasica though the resolution will be “significantly” higher according to a message board post on Digi-Wo.

Sony is planning to implement its own wearable OS on the device, which is a dramatic departure from the original two smartwatch models that ran versions of Android.

Lastly, the watch comes with built in Wi-Fi for data and supports wireless charging to get the device up and running quickly after it has run out of juice.

Various new wearable devices being released could dominate IFA 2014 and Google’s Android Wear is home to a stable of smartwatches including the LG G Watch as well as the Samsung Gear Live with more expected in the coming 12 months.

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Apple has still yet to enter the wearables market and the device the it brings out along with its success will do much to define just how seriously the sector is taken in the wider consumer electronics market.