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Instagram brings new ad supremo on board

Instagram has dipped into Facebook’s vast reserves of manpower to appoint a new man to head up its efforts to garner more money from its advertising and sales operations.

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James Quarles, who was Facebook’s regional director, has been handed the title of global head of business and brand development at Instagram, according to a Facebook spokesperson quoted by Re/code.

As part of the newly created role, Quarles will report directly to company cofounder Kevin Systrom and be responsible for the marketing and sales teams with a likely remit to devise plans to generate extra revenue for the company.

Instagram does already include adds in users feeds though it is constantly working to make sure the ads don’t feel out of place and alienate those using the platform with various rules designed to protect the feed.

When it revealed that in-feed ads for brands you don’t follow were arriving it confessed they would be rolled out slowly and it’s unclear yet whether Quarles’ appointment will alter this approach.

In addition to improving advertising revenue, Quarles plans to work on developing new “monetisation products” though the spokesperson failed to make clear what shape these will take.

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Quarles has an esteemed history working with both advertisers and brands with the past three years spent at Facebook’s London office managing a number of huge brand accounts and partnerships. Prior to joining the social networking site, Quarles worked as a marketing director at Dell for six years and is expected to start his work at Instagram in the autumn.