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iPhone 6 phablet could tip up costing £700?

Have you been thinking about what price point Apple might pitch its 5.5in iPhone at? Well, if you hadn't, now you can start, because one mobile industry expert has aired his thoughts on the subject of pricing.

So, the phablet version of the iPhone is going to be more expensive, right? Yes, obviously enough – according to Horace Dediu (via BGR), the device will weigh in at $800 over in the US, a good chunk more than the current flagship iPhone 5S which goes for $650 (SIM-free).

In the UK, we pay £549 for the iPhone 5S, so we could expect the phablet version to weigh in at possibly £700 (or certainly towards that mark – working out a direct conversion gives you a figure of £675). This is if Dedui's speculation is on the money, so to speak.

And that's just the base model, of course – as you pile on the storage with the iPhone, the price increases considerably, so could get pretty eye-watering indeed.

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Yet even if the iPhone phablet is priced as such, Dediu reckons that it won't increase the average sales price of Apple's smartphone range. How come? He expects that the budget models (like the 5C, which can now be had for £429) will balance things out somewhat, and he also argues that previously folks have spent more money anyway, on models with more storage. As we've mentioned, these get expensive – and what might happen is rather than going for the 4.7in model with 64GB of storage, some folks will elect to pick up the phablet instead, with a base level of memory.

This all sounds logical enough to us. The phablet might even do better because it's more expensive and seen as the premium model of a premium phone (the "crème da la menthe", to borrow a phrase from Del Boy). You'll be able to tell at a glance who's got the large (expensive) iPhone, and maybe it will become a status symbol (of sorts) as such.

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It's still not clear if Apple's phablet version of the iPhone will go on sale later than the 4.7in model due to either production issues, or Cupertino's sales strategy. But if it does arrive later, it will likely be only a month behind, and should certainly pitch up before the end of the year.

Other speculation has indicated that the iPhone 6 will have a new A8 chip running at 2GHz, but it won't use sapphire glass for the display, rather, possibly a blend of sapphire and traditional glass.

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