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London a hotspot for smartphone, tablet and laptop theft

A newly-released Freedom of Information analysis has revealed that London comes top of the pile in the UK, in terms of smartphone, tablet and laptop theft.

According to ViaSat, 290,651 electronic devices were reported stolen in the UK between February 2013 and February 2014.

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Over 40 per cent (122,938) of these incidents happened in places covered by the Metropolitan Police, which patrols the Greater London area. However, ViaSat said that only 35 out of 46 forces actually replied to its request for figures.

The stats show us that such crime accounts for a third of all forms of theft reported in London. This figure lies at 17 per cent across the country, which suggests that Londoners are twice as likely as other Brits to get their phone nicked.

The story was similar for other major cities, such as Manchester, with stolen devices making up 24 per cent of overall theft there.

This news comes as no major shock, since London is the most populous part of the UK, and also absorbs thousands of commuters everyday. The report could also simply show that London's inhabitants own more devices than other people in the UK.

A separate report from Protect Your Bubble earlier this year demonstrated that 20-year-olds living in London are the most likely to be targeted by smartphone thieves.

"As we live more and more of our lives electronically and online, so the amount of sensitive information held on electronic devices is increasing exponentially," said ViaSat UK CEO Chris McIntosh.

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"From bank account details to health information and even personal secrets, our pictures, emails, texts and files can reveal a huge amount about us. As a result, having such a device stolen isn't simply a loss in itself: it increasingly opens up the potential of much worse to follow."

Both Microsoft and Google recently announced that they would include a kill switch feature in their newest smartphones, to combat thieves.