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Apple smartwatch will boast sapphire glass, along with expensive iPhone 6 models

It seems that Apple's allegedly incoming smartwatch will use sapphire glass for its display, yet only some models of the iPhone 6 will.

This latest Cupertino gossip comes from the Wall Street Journal (via The Verge), which claims that the sapphire glass to be used in both the watch and smartphones will be manufactured and rolling off the presses this month.

While you're less likely to drop a watch compared to a phone – it's fastened to your wrist after all, rather than poking out of your back pocket or similar – the tougher watch face will obviously be handy when it comes to avoiding scratching (it's easy enough to scrape a watch against something).

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As for the iPhone 6, the source claims that Apple is indeed planning to use sapphire for the handset as well – but only with more expensive models. Apparently the pricier models of the 4.7in and 5.5in devices – in other words, those with large amounts of storage on board – may have sapphire glass as an added incentive to buy. Whereas lesser models won't feel the benefit.

That seems a bit odd to say the least, but it's not the first time that we've heard that sapphire glass may only be used in some models – a previous rumour indicated that Apple will use sapphire in later models, not those it launches with (to give it time to iron out yield difficulties). That certainly makes more sense, although it may aggravate early adopters who don't get sapphire.

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And there's also been speculation that a pure sapphire glass screen won't be happening with the iPhone at all, although a blend of sapphire and traditional glass might be what we get (at least upon launch).

In short, with the iPhone 6, there are many different threads and rumours here, so who knows which one is on the money.

Apple's smartwatch, on the other hand, will have a far smaller display, so sapphire does seem more likely with this device, as any cost and manufacturing issues will be lessened when working with a smaller screen size. But again, pinches of salt abound, as we're not even positive Apple will produce a watch yet...

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