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EE provokes outrage for 50p customer queue jump charge

Mobile phone operator EE has come under fire for its parsimonious solution to one of life's greatest frustrations: waiting for hours to speak to an advisor in a call queue.

EE's new call system will be divided into two tiers. The first tier will be ordinary customers waiting their turn.

The second will be customers who agree to pay 50p during business hours that will then be fast-tracked to speak to the "next available operator" instead of having to queue.

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The option of paying the charge will be available to everyone except pay-as-you-go.

However, customer backlash to this new system has been swift and unforgiving. Many took to Twitter to berate EE, which out of all the UK operators has accumulated the highest number of complaints for a pay-monthly service for nearly two years.

Dave Millett, a customer of EE, condemned the firm: "EE answer to poor customer service, pay extra to jump the queue – much better than hiring more staff."

John Masters was furious enough to contact EE directly, tweeting "@EE disgusting that you're charging for priority on query calls. Everyone should be treated equally."

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EE has been equally quick to try to explain itself. A spokesman announced "It's not that literally they would go straight through, all I know is it's a queue jump... 'priority answer' is what we're referring to it as."

He further emphasised that regardless of tier, all calls will be processed as quickly as possible. Is that enough of an explanation? Let us know in the comment section below, or by answering our poll.